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The Hair Chapel


Hair Stylecut

Refresh Your Look With a Cut and Blow Dry

They say a change is as good as a holiday. We agree the changes made to oneself comes in many ways: changes to one’s eating habits, adopting a different style, taking a different route to work, learning a new course or skill. the opportunities for innovation are endless. Something as simple as a cut and blow-dry can change your whole look. We’re unsure whether it’s cutting away the old or blowing away the old – but we know it to be true. Step into change today, with excellent service from a team of professional hairstylists.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Blow Wave

We take great care to provide each customer with personalised, professional service. We aim to provide a carefree experience and for each customer to leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and happy. Following these guidelines will help the salon-look and feel, last longer:

  • Avoid touching your hair. We understand the urge, but it may flatten the hair and cause natural oils to spread from your hands and your hair to appear greasy.
  • Investing in satin pillowcases or a satin scarf can do wonders. Satin creates less friction than cotton, which is ‘softer’ on your hair.
  • Keeping your hair away from moisture will also contribute to the longevity of your crown. Next to yoga pants, dry shampoo is definitely a woman’s best friend. A spritz of dry shampoo to a small section of hair from underneath will keep your hair looking fresher for longer.

Prepare for Your Visit to The Hair Chapel

Arriving ten minutes early is respectful to your hairstylist. When you arrive in time for your booking, you can have their undivided attention without rushing. This, along with a couple of pointers, will ensure an efficient salon visit:

  • Photos are the best way to convey your ideas around vibes, texture and colour. Guiding your stylist will help you reach the best result, whether for a pixie haircut or a colour.
  • Dress as you usually do: this enables your stylist to get a sense of your style and personality and advise on options best suited to you.
  • During your consultation, share your daily routine and the products involved. Guiding clients on the corrects product for their lifestyle, and their hair means healthier hair and happy clients.

About The Hair Chapel

After a journey around the world, we’re proud to call Australia home. Our boutique salon is our dedication to long-term hard work, precision cutting and creative colouring. We offer personalised and professional service to each client. The ease of online bookings and the use of the best products, ensures customer satisfaction. All our service styling, colour, treatment or a bob haircut comes with a full complimentary consultation to create a brief on your desired look. We’ve put steps in place to manage our waste in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way: this extends to hair cuttings and leftover hair colour. We aim to serve our local community and to pamper each and everyone walking through the door.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.