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Welcome To 

The Hair Chapel

'Your hair in our care'

Who We Are

And the Salon is Born!

As a salon we are leaders in the industry. We work in conjunction with the best brands the industry has to offer such as


Our main focus of care is the integrity and longevity in colour for our client's hair and style.

We are renowned for our individual attention to detail towards our clients whilst offering a 

personalized and professional service.

Our ​history in the making

We have been part of REDKEN for many years and have been on a fabulous journey around the world many times over to give you the extensive experience and knowledge 

we now have.

Iris was trained in Belgium and has owned salons in England and Australia, also had the opportunity to work numerous times on Mercedes Benz fashion week and photo shoots.

Education is a big part of our continual growth and we will never stop making history. 

Building my dream

After managing and and owning my own salon in the UK 

we eventually moved to Australia and decided to jump in, 

and do it all again. 

Having leased a salon and worked from home to build up our reputation we have finally found a salon to call our own.

This boutique salon is a representation of the dedication to constant hard work and my passion and love for the industry.

The Hair Chapel 

would love for you to come and join us for a fabulous hair experience


Learn More

Learn More

Learn More

At The Hair Chapel we strive to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, Therefor we have teamed up with  A fabulous company who takes care of all our waste. 

Yes, from the clippings of your hair to the leftover colour that would go down the drain. 

So when choosing a Salon, choose a salon that supports the environment. 

A voluntary $2 will apply to your bill to make this service possible.

Thank you for helping in supporting our planet. 

Call to schedule your hair appointment today!

0732 866096