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The Hair Chapel








And the Salon is Born!

As a salon we are leaders in the industry. We wor​k in conjunction with the best brands the industry has to offer such as

REDKEN, PUREOLOGY, GHD and Sustainable Salons.

Our main focus of care is the integrity and longevity in colour for our client's hair and style.

We are renowned for our individual attention to detail towards our clients whilst offering a

personalised and professional service.

Your Hairdresser Cleveland

SustainableHair Salon

We can't wait to meet you

At The Hair Chapel we strive to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, therefore we have teamed up with , a fabulous company who takes care of all our waste.

Yes ! From the clippings of your hair to the leftover colour that would go down the drain.

So when choosing a salon, choose a salon t​hat supports the environment.

A voluntary $2 will apply to your bill to make this service possible.

Thank you for helping in supporting our planet. 


Style is a way that makes you FEEL & LOOK good

Why We're Different

We are a salon dedicated to our local community where women, men and children feel at home.

A salon where you go to be pampere​d ​and where we create fabulous hair.

We use the best hair care and colour products the industry has to offer whilst being mindful of the environment. 

Consult our hair specialists

All our services come with a full complimentary consultation,

asking the questions to create a full brief of the desired look 

and style you aspire to. 




Style cut

All of our cuts include a shampoo and conditioning treatment with relaxing scalp massage.

We finish our style cut with a complete blow-dry and finish. 

Pixie or Crop:

- Director: $75

- Senior Stylist: $60

- Emerging Stylist: $40 

Stylecut & Blowdry From:

- Director: $85

- Senior Stylist: $75

- Emerging Stylist: $50

Hot tool curl finish : $15 extra

- Mens Stylecut : $40 

Blowdry & Hot Tool Styling From:

Blow dry/Straightening

- Director: $45

- Senior Stylist: $40

- Emerging Stylist : $30

Formals & Up-styling:

- Price on application

Fringe Trims:

- Free for existing Clients in-between appointments maximum 10 weeks.

- New clients, and over 10 weeks : $15 

Foils From:

Half head foil :

- Director : $129

- Senior Stylist : $119

- Emerging Stylist : $89 

Full head foil :

- Director : $179

- Senior Stylist : $169

-Emerging Stylist : $119

Different techniques might determinant the the length of your appointment to create the look you aspire to. Extra time will need to be allocated to create that look and extra charge will apply.  

Balayage, Foilyage & Ombre

Price on application

Permanen​t and Demi-colour:

Roots re-touch

6 weeks or less : $75

6 weeks or more : $85

Full Head colour from : $95

Lightener/Bleach roots only

5 weeks or less : $85

5 weeks or more ; $95

Full head bleach price on application

Toner Gloss

Short : $45

Medium length : $55

Long : $65

Root-stretch with toning Gloss : $80

​Acid Bonding Treatment:

Add this protein treatment to any colour service to restructure and repair your hair. This also includes an indulging scalp massage and will finish with our acid bonding conditioner: $19

Keratin Smoothing Treatment:

Amazing smoothing treatment for frizzy & unruly hair

- Perfect to tame your hair in the Queensland humidity.

Short : $250

Medium : $275

Long : $295

Extra Long : $320

** Add $20 for thick hair

Prices are a guide only

If any questions please ask for a written quote before the start of any services.

All prices are based on short hair fine to medium density.

Extra charge will apply for

- Medium hair (from chin to collarbone length)

- Long hair (from collarbone to bottom of shoulder blade length)

- Extra long hair (from bottom of shoulder blade)

- Thick hair


Our packages are created to cater to those guests who already know what they would like.

However, if you do not find what you are looking for,

feel free to give us a call and we can offer a free no obligation consultation to create a personal bespoke package to cater for you. 

All our packages are based on short to top of the shoulder  length hair and fine to medium density in thickness. 

Extra charge may apply for long, extra long and or thicker hair.

Packages can only be booked with salon assigned stylists. 

If you prefer a different stylist to do your hair, feel free to call the salon and we can amend the package and will change the price depending on experience of the stylist. 

SPARKLING package       

The perfect package to hide those stubborn silver sparkles. Maintenance friendly and makes you walk out feeling all glammed up.



Root colour

Mask treatment

Scalp massage

Blowdry with GHD finish

DON'T FADE AWAY package 

This global colour application is ideal to brighten up your ends and to add shine to your colour. 


Full head colour

Mask treatment

Scalp massage

Blowdry with GHD finish

GLOW & BLOW package

Ideal for in between two foil appointments. Brighten up your blonde with a toning gloss colour, Acid Bonding treatment to get you ready for your next blonding service and a finish to get you ready for a night in the town.  



Toning gloss colour

Acid Bonding Treatment

Scalp massage

Blowdry with GHD finish

MAKE IT POP package

Brighten up your day with adding some foils at the front of the hair line  and under the parting. This scattering of foils will give you a brighter look and a gloss to make you pop.



Face frame foiling

 Toning colour gloss

Mask treatment

Blowdry with GHD finish

SHINY & BRIGHT package

We will make you shine like a diamond with this half head foil package and toning gloss, all finished with a fabulous blowdry.



Half head foil

Toning colour gloss

Mask treatment

Blowdry with GHD finish


Fiona our Senior Stylist offers you this luxurious ultimate foil package to include everything the perfect blonde requires. 



Half head foil

Root stretch

Toning colour gloss

Acid Bonding Treatment

Scalp massage


Blowdry with GHD finish

Cancellation Policy

A $50 cancellation fee will apply for any appointment cancelled within less than 24hrs notice.

Hairdresser Cleveland

What You Can Expect From Your Hairdresser in Cleveland

As a hairdresser in Cleveland, we have been part of Redken for many years and have been on a worldwide journey. We come to you bringing years of experience from all over the globe, from training in Belgium to working with Mercedes-Benz during Fashion Week and managing salons in the UK. Setting up shop in Australia has been a dream come true, and now the salon is ready for you.

What You Should Know About Your Hairdresser in Capalaba

Our hair salon on Victoria Point is where many people come to relax and break free from everyday stress. We want you to feel at home and provide you with the best care products to ensure you receive the best treatment. In addition, we offer a complimentary consultation where we will get to know you and your style so you can walk out with the look you had in mind.

  • We offer multiple styling options, from short to medium hair, ranging from crop to collarbone length to long hair ranging from collarbone to shoulder blade to extra-long hair. We do add thick hair into its own category since thick hair falls differently. All of our cuts include a complete shampoo and conditioning with a scalp massage, and we finish off with a beautiful blow-dry to complete the look.
  • We provide a wide range of colouring options for any hair, and we have foils for half head and full head as balayage, foilyage or ombre. Then we offer permanent or demi-colour options that include root retouching, full head colour, hair lightener, or bleaching roots and full head. We use toner gloss over highlights and bleach to give a blond, blue-grey, or platinum colour effect; however, the toner gloss also comes in various other colours.
  • The perfect treatment for blonde hair is the acid bonding treatment. This treatment induces a protein to any colour service, which will aid it in restructuring and repairing your hair. The treatment includes a scalp massage and our acid bonding conditioner. Our other treatment is our Keratin Smoothing Treatment. This treatment is fantastic for frizzy hair as it calms and tames your hair, especially with our Australian weather.

Services Your Hairdresser in Victoria Point Provides

As your hairdresser in Ormiston, we’d like to say we know what you want, but we’re honest enough to say we may not always understand. So contact us for a no-obligation consultation for us to create the best package that suits your needs. Here’s what we have so far:

  • The sparkling package is ideal for the shiny silver that appears out of nowhere overnight. This package includes roots touch up, a lovely mask treatment, a relaxing scalp massage and a blow-dry, leaving you feeling young again.
  • The glow and blow package brightens your fading blonde with a bit of toning gloss and repairs some bleach damage in-between with our excellent acid bonding treatment. The package also includes a relaxing scalp massage and a styling blow-dry, so you can simply dress up and go out without needing to do your hair yourself.
  • Our shiny and bright package includes half-head foils and toning gloss that will make your hair shine bright, golden, or bronze. Whichever you decide to choose, the mask treatment will ensure the foils don’t do any damage to your beautiful hair, and as usual, we include a relaxing scalp massage and blow-dry.

For more of our packages, see our services or come in for a consultation.

The Importance of Seeing Your Hairdresser in Redland Bay

Frequently visiting your hair salon in Cleveland will provide you with an opportunity to get out for a little bit. It will give you a chance to get away from home and work and all the responsibilities of life. Other than that, visiting your hairdresser is essential for your hair health too.

  • As your hairdresser, we will ensure to keep your hair fresh, neat, and healthy at all times. Frequently checking in, even if it’s only for a slight trim, will give us the chance to make sure everything is still perfect, from your colour to your roots. We check for split ends, bald spots, scalp issues, the works.
  • We will ensure your hair remains beautiful and vibrant. We know when it’s time to retouch and trim. If your hair feels a little dry after a bleach or standard colour, come in for a mask treatment. Sometimes the seasons changing can affect how our hair feels, and we need a little TLC.
  • A famous saying is that frequently trimming your hair promotes hair growth. We believe it promotes not only that but healthy hair as well. It keeps your hair thick; it avoids dealing with split and dead ends and keeps your hair healthier as it grows longer.

Benefits of Going to Your Hairdresser in Wellington Point

As your Redland’s hairdresser, we aim to provide you with the best haircare products and styling. Along with our experience and knowledge, our care for our customers shines through.

  • Beauty treatments are unique for stress relief. It gives you the chance to pamper yourself and gives you a break from your routine. So you can relax and decompress from work and life.
  • We use the best professional products to ensure that we provide the highest quality care for your hair. Our focus is on taking care of your hair and ensuring you do so at home as well.
  • A new hairstyle does not only give you a new look, but you will feel like a new person because your hair is such a big part of your personality and character, changing it might just be the inspiration you needed to change other aspects of yourself as well.

What You Stand to Gain When You Visit The Hair Chapel

Our boutique-style salon is the representation of calm and relaxation. We want this to be your home away from home, the place where you can relax, let your hair down, and have us do all the work. You will receive a fabulous hair experience at our environmentally-friendly salon. We are open by appointment through online booking or you can contact us for any further queries.

Our ​history in the making

We have been part of REDKEN for many years and have been on a fabulous journey around the world many times over to give you the extensive experience and knowledge

we now have.

Iris was trained in Belgium and has owned salons in England and Australia, also had the opportunity to work numerous times on Mercedes Benz fashion week and photo shoots.

Education is a big part of our continual growth and we will never stop making history. 

Building the dream

After managing and and owning my own salon in the UK

we eventually moved to Australia and decided to jump in,

and do it all again.

Having leased a salon and worked from home to build up our reputation we have finally found a salon to call our own.

This boutique salon is a representation of the dedication to constant hard work and my passion and love for the industry.

The Hair Chapel

would love for you to come and join us for a fabulous hair experience



Open by Appointment, we strive to offer our clients the best service in a managed time slot 

to offer you quality time with your stylist.

Let us schedule your next consultation.

Call or come and visit us at the locations below.


(07)3286 6096

0459 200 776


Unit 11, 165 Bloomfield Street

Cleveland 4163